Best Yoga Studios

775 Cochrane Rd. Morgan Hill, CA 95037

(408) 782-5800

60 4th Street Gilroy, CA 95020

(408) 848-0400

Best Yoga Studios Morgan Hill and Gilroy are not affiliated with Bikram Choudhury or the Bikram Yoga franchise.

Best Yoga Studios in Morgan Hill and Gilroy are warm and inviting places to learn how to build strength, flexibility, balance, concentration, muscle tone, reduce stress, and lose weight.
Classes are suited for all ages and levels of ability.

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At Best Yoga Studios Morgan Hill and Gilroy, we believe the air quality, heat and cleanliness of a yoga studio has a direct impact on your practice experience and overall health.  We feature a spacious lobby and sitting area with complimentary Brita filtered water station, a fully stocked fridge with beverages for purchase, and towels and mats to rent and/or buy. Our boutique will provide you with clothing and accessories designed specifically for hot yoga and hot pilates use. We offer a variety of brands to complement your personal style and will continually update our inventory to keep you looking and feeling good.

BYMH/BYG uses very sophisticated, state of the art, odorless, antimicrobial, antibacterial flooring and an HVAC system made for this unique type of hot yoga and hot pilates. Our flooring is made of Forbo Flotex, treated & sanitized with an antimicrobial agent in the nylon pile & backing, offering constant protection against bacteria.Dirt is easily removed and doesn’t get trapped like it does with the loops & twists of carpet or other types of flooring. Our yoga room is served by a specially-designed heater equipped with bands of UV light that maintain a clean and sanitary environment. The yoga room air supply is continually drawn out of the room, mixed with a small percentage of fresh outside air, then sanitized by UV lights and routed directly back into the yoga room. Our unique system consistently provides fresh, clean air throughout the duration of each and every class. A humidifier with ample capacity is an integral part of our perfect combination of heat and humidity, providing optimum moisture levels inside the yoga room. After every class, two large exhaust fans, located at each end of the yoga room, are turned on to evacuate the heat and moisture from the room, providing fresh, sanitized air in the yoga room for the next class. At BYMH/BYG, we pride ourselves on offering our members the best, the cleanest and the freshest hot yoga room environment.

Our Men's and Women's locker rooms are spotlessly clean, with hospital-grade skid-resistant flooring, storage lockers, large granite counters, beautifully tiled showers with complimentary soap and shampoo, and plenty of room to get ready before work, school, or a night out. We provide modern amenities to meet our students' needs.