"Morgan Hill is a great town with plenty of opportunities to stay physically active and healthy. Unfortunately one also develops overuse injuries due to various reasons. I attended a yoga class for the very first time when BYMH opened its doors on October 1st, 2011. I did some yoga way back in my teens but my body grew rigid over a period of decades. I got used to the heat and sweat very quickly, within the first few classes. My health has improved in various ways in the last few months. BYMH is one of the best things to have happened locally. Great instructors, dedicated community of yoga practitioners and a great place to practice yoga and improve one's health."

~ Ramesh M.

"A fantastic Bikram Yoga studio. Owner is charming, sweet and very helpful. Studio is beautiful - clean, fantastic design, best I've been to. Class was spectacular. She was involved, coaching students, helpful. A perfect example of well done Bikram. I've been to nearly 100 studios and this one ranks in the top one or two! Thank you."
~ Michael S.

"I was a little nervous about the idea of "hot yoga". I wasn't sure about the heat and I knew very little about basic yoga. However, I was looking for something to reduce the stress in my life and in turn help with the increasing number of headaches/migraines I've suffered with for years. After a lot of encouragement from a good friend, I gave Bikram Yoga a try. WOW!! It has made such a huge difference in my life! My headaches have dramatically decreased, I feel less stressed and my core strength is stronger than it's been in years! When I'm done with class, I feel cleansed from the inside out. It's a gift I give to myself. I truly miss it when I'm unable to practice. It's something I will continue to practice throughout my life. I encourage everyone to give it a try, you'll be so glad you did!"
~ Kim K.

"I've tried Bikram when I was still in college up in Berkeley and was devastated when I had to move to Gilroy because it's so far from everything AND no Bikram nearby! Then one day while driving down Cochrane, I saw a Grand Opening banner underneath BIKRAM YOGA and had to sign up. Yi-Ting was very nice during my first visit and through the sign up process. Jill and Don are great instructors as well. I really like how Don will come up to you and help you fix your posture and boy can I tell the difference."
~ Frank F.

"If you're ready for something amazing that will profoundly change your mind, body and spirit, then you must give Bikram Yoga a try. As someone who is very sensitive to heat, I really never thought I could do it but by the end of the third class, I was hooked! It's so much more than just doing yoga, the sense of accomplishment I get from this practice helps me in every aspect of my life, and I did not expect that. Because there is no talking in class and we are moving through the poses quickly, you have to be present and focused on what is going on in you body and mind. Even though the instructor is talking the entire time, it is extremely meditative. I have been to another studio (not taken classes, just walked in the door) and it was sooooo gross! The smell just about floored me and no one was very friendly (how could they be when they were all trying not to puke from the stench?) Anyway you will NOT find that to be the case at Bikram Yoga Morgan Hill! It is VERY clean, smells great, and everyone is so supportive and welcoming - you will feel right at home the second you walk in the door. There are always new people coming in to give it a try so you probably won't be the only one in the room who doesn't know what's going on - but so what if you are! You will be encouraged and supported through your first few classes until you get the hang of it. The first two classes are the hardest but after that - it's a healthy addiction!! Give it a try, you won't be sorry!"
~ Dionne W.

"This was my first experience with Bikram Yoga and it has made a big difference in my life. I could go on and on at what this has done for my mood and my body. It is clean and lovely inside. All the teachers are so unique and wonderful. If you can made yourself stick it out for a few days you really start to get hooked! It makes you feel amazing! This studio is the place to go. I have been to another studio and if the other place had been my first time, I would never have gone back. I feel like shouting from the rooftops about how amazing this place is! A must try if you want to connect with your body, get strong, healthy and happy.
~ Crystal B.

"Morgan Hill Bikram Yoga is one of the cleanest, most Eco-friendly Bikram studios in the country. I travel for business and find myself appreciating the air filtration system and the bacteria free carpet. Thank you Wendy for caring about us and making sure everything is environmentally friendly and spotlessly clean. The teachers are inspirational; and give great instruction. I love visiting my family in Morgan Hill and being able to keep up my yoga practice."
~ Caara S.

"Great place to practice Bikram Yoga. It's nice to have Bikram Yoga in Morgan Hill now. The studio is clean with plenty of amenities for showering  after class, which is helpful for those who take class before work. The teachers are great and guide you to do your personal best." 
~ Julie J.

"Wonderful studio! Love all the instructors and especially the owner Wendy, she is very friendly and supportive to her customers. The studio is always clean and inviting! So glad that we have Bikram Yoga in Morgan Hill, everybody should give it a try!"
~ Kelly B.


"My first Bikram Yoga class was very challenging because I found myself struggling with the different postures and the heat. I didn't realize how inflexible and out of shape my body was even though I exercised at the gym on a regular basis. I knew that if I kept practicing, I would become more flexible and gain more strength. After practicing for 3 years and taking classes regularly, my body is more toned and I feel stronger and more energetic. This yoga has had an amazing effect on my body and I can't thank Wendy enough for introducing me to Bikram Yoga." 
~ Yvette N.


"Bikram Yoga has changed my life enormously. Having been an avid runner for years, yoga helped my body gain flexibility, my mind gain solace and my heart gain peace. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting change in their life." 
~ Patricia P. 


"I first started doing Bikram Yoga to improve my flexibility. I had always been a runner so my hamstrings and quads were very tight. Right away I noticed an improvement! I discovered that doing Bikram Yoga gives you the same feeling you get after a nice long run, but with so many other benefits! My digestive system improved, my flexibility increased, as did my overall strength and stamina. I also noticed that with a regular practice I was maintaining my muscle mass without the need for an additional weight room workout. Bikram Yoga has also taught me how to listen to and be more aware of my body. Focusing on yourself for 90 minutes will do that! I no longer run ... I just do Bikram Yoga!" 
~ Carrie D.


"I've always been interested in fitness and took good care of myself. I followed a traditional approach, working out with weights, jogging and using aerobic equipment at my gym. I tried traditional yoga, but never felt comfortable in the classes. In 2007, at age 65, my personal trainer suggested that I needed yoga at least twice a week to help me with my range of motion. I was also suffering from arthritis in my neck and shoulder and the pain was beginning to affect my lifestyle. I tried Bikram Yoga and discovered that this yoga was much different from the yoga I'd experienced before. Bikram Yoga is all about yoga without the "fluff". At first, I started going twice a week, then, at the suggestion of an instructor, I began going 3 times a week and noticed my arthritis diminished and then completely went away! I lost weight, my core strength improved and I gained more muscle tone. All these things are great, but the greatest benefit, for me, is that I've become a better friend to myself. I'm more present in my life. Pretty cool!" 
~ Bill D.


"I began practicing Bikram Yoga at the urging of my sister-in-law, 9 years ago. I fell in love with how it made me feel and I was no exercise freak by any stretch. I did some running, spinning, aerobics and just couldn't find anything that met my personal style or made me feel the way I felt when I left that studio the first day. I have never felt better in my life. I'm 42 years old and I've never looked better in my life! I'm physically stronger, I have increased flexibility and peace. When I don't practice, I feel a sense of emptiness and loss - it is my personal addiction! This practice is for anyone who wants to experience personal growth, change and not afraid to take that 1st step. Bikram Yoga is so much more than exercise, it's truly a way of life." 
~ Kim J.

"I started taking Bikram Yoga classes just over a year ago because I could no longer afford physical therapy and I needed to do something to help my body. After having three major surgeries within a six-month period, I decided to try Bikram Yoga. To my surprise, the yoga has helped me more than the physical therapy. Bikram Yoga has improved my life tremendously!" 
~ Gail P.

"I've been doing some form of gym exercise for the past 30 years and had to stop because of another knee surgery and the pain associated with spin, aerobic classes and running. I started Bikram Yoga in April 2010 and knew from that first class that this was going to be different. I now do 5-6 classes a week and I'm addicted. I feel better than I can ever remember. I don’t experience the pain I was accustomed to and I have so much more energy. I feel much stronger and better in every way. Bikram Yoga is very challenging, but with a regular practice, it gets better and better!" 
~ Tom M.

"My 5-year Bikram Yoga practice, aside from losing fifty surplus pounds, has given me: 
  ~  A real sense of having turned back the clock on my aging process
  ~  Greatly improved powers of will and concentration
  ~  Permanent relief from long-term lower back pain
  ~  Undreamed of overall improvements in strength, endurance and flexibility
  ~  Greater strength and range of motion in my lower legs and feet, which were severely injured in a 1994 car accident
  ~  Improved performance in sports activities (swimming and beach volleyball)
  ~  A greater openness to new ways of thinking and new opportunities
  ~  The energy to make use of said new thinking and opportunities
  ~  A sense of community, through strong bonds of friendship and support with great fellow yogis and yoginis.
All of these are priceless gifts given me by my Bikram Yoga practice. My gratitude is endless and forever. I unconditionally and unreservedly recommend Bikram Yoga to any and all, at any age." 
~ Bill D.