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Best Yoga Studios

775 Cochrane Rd. Morgan Hill, CA 95037

(408) 782-5800

60 4th Street Gilroy, CA 95020

(408) 848-0400

Best Yoga Studios Morgan Hill and Gilroy are not affiliated with Bikram Choudhury or the Bikram Yoga franchise.

yoga etiquette


  • Before you sign in, remove your shoes and place them on the shoe rack near the front door upon entering.
  • Sign in immediately after removing your shoes, before you put your yoga mat down or use the restroom.
  • Make sure your feet are clean before entering the yoga room. 
  • No cell phones, purses, wallets, keys, gum or food are permitted in the yoga room.
  • No glass is permitted anywhere in the studio.
  • No hand towels allowed. The slipperyness of the sweat will make you stronger. Wiping away your sweat only makes the body work harder trying to produce more sweat to cool you down. Be one with the sweat.
  • No talking in the yoga room. Respect and enjoy the silence of the yoga room before, during & after class.
  • Never move or step on another student's mat and towel. Always ask the teacher for assistance if mats need adjusting.
  • No fragrant body lotion, perfume or cologne, as fellow students may be sensitive or allergic to scents. 
  • Keep all personal belongings, keys, clothes, et cetera, in the locker room. Only mat, towel & water bottle allowed in yoga room.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class. (First-timers arrive at least 20 minutes prior to register). Late admittance is strictly prohibited, doors will be locked when class begins. 
  • No whining, complaining, grunting, audible sighs or pouting. Think only positive thoughts. 
  • Do not spit or blow your nose into your towel, it's gross. Kleenex box is on the counter, bring some in with you if you need it. Soiled tissues should be kept in between your towel and your mat, not on our floor.
  • Stay in the yoga room the entire class, even if you're just resting in savasana. Only leave the room if you need to puke, but come right back when you're done.